CD REVIEW - Temple of the Drum
By Mike Gleason
I am extremely grateful that a friend pointed me in the direction of Dragon Ritual Drummers a few years ago.  In the intervening years I have had the pleasure and opportunity to receive and review several of their releases and I have yet to be disappointed by the quality of the performances and production values.  These folks know how to use their instruments to attain the best possible results.


CD REVIEW - 13 Mountain Mystery Brews
By Mike Gleason
There are certain ritual expectations to be adhered to, such as NOT mixing the ingredients, merely stabbing them with a knife.  A checklist is provided for you to record your first creation of each elixir as well as "Crawdentials" (both wallet card and certificate for your wall).
Eat My Pagan Ass - Pagan Podcast
Hosted by  Luckylicious
The Dragon Ritual Drummers make a special guest appearance on Eat My Pagan Ass podcast with host Luckylicious.
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The Dragon Ritual Drummers: Honouring the Dragon and Groovin' the Pagan
By Kyle West
Started ten years ago as part of a pagan men's group in Niagara region, the Dragon Ritual Drummers have grown in popularity to become the world's number one pagan drum troupe.
Tribal Magik CD by Dragon Ritual Drummers  
By Mike Gleason
I did something with this CD which I seldom do. Even though I had several review items waiting already, I slipped my headphones on and began listening, even as I was working on other items.
Dragon Ritual Drummers at Wisteria’s Cornstalk
By Paula Jean West
What amazing energy these seven Canadian guys from Niagara Falls have and what power in their magik and their drums.  Whatever inside line Utu has with the rain spirits, his offering and honoring worked and the rain held off while the crowd danced ecstatically to the primal beat these men created.
Torontonians Feel the Beat in Queen's
By L.C. Willis
The Dragon Ritual Drummers performed music infused with African, Tropical, and Creole influences. Frequently referencing Voodoo theology, lead-drummer Utu engaged listeners with tales of Voodoo gods and
Creole history, and encouraged people to touch a wooden Tikki for luck.
The Muhtadi International Drumming Festival
By Samantha Wu
"It's a dream come true," says Marco "Drago" Canzoneri, a member of the DRD. "Drumming is a way we connect to the Earth and the common theme today is connecting with the Earth, the ancestors and connecting with the drum. There aren't words that can describe this amount of drums and the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach and in your heart."
Dragon Ritual Drummers: The Beat of the Pagan Community
Pagan Pulse Magazine: On-Line
I cannot adequately express in words the sheer depth of not only the magic they create but the emotion and passion that comes from their music. To hear them, is to be hooked!
Review of Dragon Ritual Drummers Passage
By Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
Twisted Dreams Magazine
I wasn't sure what to think when I first got this cd, as drums aren't really my thing.
With that said though, you all know me, I will review anything off the fringes and different.
Review: Odin’s Booty Live, by the Dragon Ritual Drummer
By Mike Gleason 
This CD consists of five live performances by a group which never fails to stir their listeners. If you can hear these guys perform and not feel your pulse rate go up, check into the nearest morgue – you’re dead.
Review: The Dragon Ritual Drummers
By Heather Ody
The Dragon Ritual drummers were on stage, and the rain provided the perfect setting for their song. Indeed, as the last notes faded, the rain vanished and sunshine spilled down from what had moments earlier been a leaden grey sky. My curiosity was piqued!
Strafe, The Movie – Blog Spot
By Vincent Thomas 
Dragon Ritual Drummer profile featured as musical contributors to independent film Strafe due for release in 2010.
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