The Dragon Ritual Drummers began their journey in the early 2000's as the favourites in the Pagan festival circuit in Ontario Canada.  They have since moved on to play at pagan festivals and large mainstream events all over North America.

The award winning troupe is comprised of 7 members; Utu, Flint, Thunderbird, Adrian, Drago, Naresh and Eion.  All members play a variety of instruments including tribal drums, string instruments, as well as brass and archaic reed instruments heard in the ancient hills and valleys of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.  Their music and performances are creative, intense and powerful.  They bring the audience to their feet dancing as they are swept away in the intense beat of music, inspired from around the world and through the ages.
The lore of the Dragon Ritual Drummers is attached to the entity from which they take their name, the mythical dragon spirit that resides in an ethereal cave at the brink of Niagara Falls.  The ancient serpent spirit was once revered by aboriginal inhabitants of the region but was eventually cast into a negative legacy by the conquering Iroquois nation.  The serpents legacy was one of obscurity for generations.  From the beginning the the Dragon Ritual Drummers reached out to awaken the ancient water dragon spirit, and the rest as they say is history in the making.  The Dragon Ritual Drummers attribute much of their success to the dragon spirit, achieving unprecedented success for their musical genres world wide.  Their interactive and critically acclaimed CD "The Epic: A Drum Opera" tells the story of the Niagara dragon from the ice age to modern times, all with drums and percussion along with beautiful illustrations.  They currently are promoting their newest single, "Zulu Dawn".
They have been featured in numerous mainstream and Pagan media, for years they owned the #1 ranking on the Canadian MySpace music charts for the genres of "Afro-beat" and "Tropical", and are currently ranked #1 for their genre of World Music on ReverbNation!  In 2012 they were voted best band on the American Conjure Community Awards.

If you would like an inspiring and interactive musical performance unlike any other, workshops and guided meditations, along with a group of men who bring a zest for every moment of life not seen since the viking hoards, then this group of spiritual warriors and musicians is for you and your event.  Please feel free to contact the Dragon Ritual Drummers any time, and have them come to your town.

For media or promoters please call our New York number 1-716-218-DRD8.

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