The Dragon Ritual Drummers are an award winning, chart topping, critically acclaimed drum troupe with a worldwide following and a rock and roll attitude. The Dragon Ritual Drummers are the #1 Pagan Drum Troupe on the planet! They offer a unique array of original tribal rhythms and music inspired from around the world and through the ages. Their music focuses on the drums tradition to call forth spirit, ancestors, deities and community celebration, filling shows with rhythmic tales of creole voodoo gods and spirits of the swamps.

The Dragon Ritual Drummers have headlined top tier pagan, spiritual and mainstream music festivals in both Canada and the Untried States. They have been #1 on the Canadian Myspace music charts, are currently ranked #1 on Reverb Nation for their region and routinely hit #1 on their national charts. The Dragon Ritual Drummers have been featured in countless global media from international magazines to television, Pod Casts and Blog Talk Radio. In 2012 they were awarded Best Band by the American Conjure Community Awards from Houston Texas.

For promoters and media please call our number 1-716-218-DRD8(3738).

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